F**k relationships! Go for large, go for insane, go for the unicorn, go for love!

I want to enjoy my afternoon, 
not to wait for my afterlife!
We are all going to a blind date with the future. 
And just like on a blind date with a woman you never know if the future is going to love you back. 

Yes, Life, I’ve seen the menu and I’d like to order: 
A real childhood. 
Something to drink? 
Bittersweet truths. Forget the glass. Bring me the bottle. 
I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry for love when I’m by the sea. 
Have you noticed how the body of a woman turns into a miracle fish the minute her legs touched the water?
Have you, Life? 
Then why do you give her so much crap? 
do decieve her. 
to leave her. 
to destroy her. 
And mirrors. 
So many mirrors. 
Not to be able to forget that time flies. 

Mirrors are the real clocks. 
Just watch… 
and you’ll see time ignoring us. 
Taking it all from us like it’s nothing. 
Because it is nothing. 
A day or a year. 
A life or many. 
“My immortal soul” wearing out my body just to slip into a rock and smile back at you through a witty epitaph. Famous last words carved in stone like an irony for the rain to wash away. 

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