Love me loudly

There are many cases where love should remain concealed.
One of those may be a family reluctance, his wife’s, for instance, or her husband’s…
There are even more cases where she keeps looking at you like any blonde to a menu, with no idea as to what she should order.
She doesn’ know whether she’d better want you as fast food or to go – and take home.
And, since she can’t make up her mind, she also can’t say what she wants… from you.
What if we told each other fair and square all we want? Only what we want.
I want you for sex.
I want you because no one else listens to me and I can’t afford seeing a shrink. Some couch we all have at home.
We don’t do that. And I think it’s just fine.
You know what it is you want from her. She hasn’t made up her mind yet.
You think about asking her in marriage, but you’ve no way of asking her, since there’s no one you can ask her from. She doesn’t even think of getting you properly introduced.
Or the other way round. She’d go so far as tattooing his name onto her delicate skin, he’s got a thick bark of a face and wouldn’t let her even tag him on Facebook…
We’ve all been outlaws at least once.
Or at least reluctant.
I’ve never dated women with an IQ the size of their waist. We both knew why we weren’t talking. Or why we kept a low profile.
And now look… You stay there and read me, and you’re not lobotomized… just in love… not very much apart… lobotomizing is irreversible… falling in love can be dealt with through the cold showers of indifference.
You stay there and read me, and you still choose to think: he doesn’t say “I love you”, because he isn’t ready yet… doesn’t everyone know it takes at least an hour’s warming up with leg shaking, to be able to say a few words…
You stay there and read me, and you still choose to believe him that only fools register on Facebook as being “in a relationship with…”
You stay there and read me, and you still choose to think that his fingers are simply swollen, so he can’t wear that wedding-ring any longer… or that he’s an atheist and there’s no reason for you two to get married. Not in a church, anyway… My dearest, I wouldn’t know how unfaithful he is to God, but to you… he most certainly will be.
We all want to be loved loudly. With capital lettering.
That she should feel comfortable both when she hides you in her bedroom… and when she takes you out and introduces you to her best friends.
It’s important she should have you introduced. It’s even more important how she does it.
A friend… or my friend?
A neighbour… or… we already live together?
As far as the ones are concerned… even when there’s no reason left… who keep a limit of discretion regarding their partners, as if they were at a bank counter, keep in mind they’re not the best of investments.

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