If we didn’t waste so much time envying, we’d have enough of it to take care of our own going up, rather than of somebody else’s downfalling.
Anyhow, they say whenever you set about taking revenge, you’d better dig two holes.
If we understood how little time we have, we’d sell off less of it.
If we understood that success is a team sport… winners wouldn’t always be lonesome.
If we chose to not live everything in a shop window… we could taste victories, too, without an audience.
If we gave up madly chasing certainties… we’d have to lie less often.
If we understood why rules ever came to be, we’d most likely stop observing at least half of them. Surely, a set of strict rules is more often than not replaced by another set of rules, not by freedom.
If we gave up dissonant words and stuck to clear-cut facts, we’d see more happy people in the streets than in commercials.
If we took care of our bodies like we keep in mind to make all possible revisions to our cars…, we’d live longer.
If we listened to the advice we give our children… we’d live in more harmony.
If we followed the saints’ principles, instead of just kissing their relics… we wouldn’t be waiting for a better after-life. We’d have it here, on earth, and modern man would stop falling into the “genuinely-fake” category. Or the “original copy” one.
Women would rather stir up genuine emotions with every beat of their fake eyelashes, while men enjoy paying with promises unaccounted for.
Two lies cover up well for each other, but they don’t add up to make a truth.

Two plans never put into practice are worth not even a wrong step, made instinctively. From that one learns something at least.

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