Likes are the new money!

Are you rich? There’s a new currency to be considered! 
Soon we will have convertors, just like the ones from euros to dollars… from euros to… likes.

Likes are the new money.
And just like the money, some are of real value, some are cheap and some are… fake.
You can buy them
You can trade them
You can impress with the display of 100.000 likes like you would impress with a platinum card or a Mercedes Benz.
Large companies pay for facebook exposure.
Geeks try hard to get the attention they never had in real life…
Girls try to impress more men.
Lana Del Rey exists exclusively because of social networks.
One Direction is now a bestselling band on the same basis.
Since social media becomes the 2nd life being popular is as pleasant and as useful as being rich… and… with some degree of intelligence IT WILL MAKE YOU RICH.
Your social life offline is limited. Your social life on facebook is not.
You can reach an audience the size of a small kingdom.
You can be king, president or a present from God.
Is it right?
Is it wrong?
Just like in case of real money… it all depends on the use…
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